~my fault~

We were friends,
we were so close,
we were always together,
I was never alone.

Everyday was fun,
I truly enjoyed being alive,
for everything that I wondered,
you always had an answer...

I was always together with you,
and we were so close,
it seemed natural to be with you all the time,
and I would've never thought...
of how you felt.

I'm sorry, I never meant it to end like that,
I'm sorry, I wont ever make the same mistake again,
I'm sorry... please forgive me.

Why did you tell me that?
Why did my 'kindness' hurt you?
I'm not that kind...
I was never kind...
I'm sorry for I have hurt you.

I never meant it to end like that,
we were friends,
we held hands,
and everything was natural,
and everything was real,
but only my feelings for you,
were not like it seemed.

I'm sorry I let you come so close,
I'll never hurt anyone like that I again,
and I promise even if I ever fall in love,
I will never tell,
it's my own punishment.
I'm sorry I accepted you,
and rejected you,
I realized I couldn't fall for you...
I'm sorry playing heartless game with you.

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~cahaya~ said...

nape ni dik..meh story kt ahkak meh..

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